How to hack wifi password-2017

                                 How to hack wifi password
     There are many ways to hack wifi password

Method 1 :Command Promt  : It is a simplest method for getting connect with WiFi by hacking password. this is generally used by person who want to get WiFi password without software and with command are 3 steps and video to get password of WiFi without softwareStep 1 : Run command cmd .Step 2 : type command netsh wlan show profile name=”wifi name” key=clear .Step 3 : now whole detail of password and user is in front of you.

Method 2 :Brute Force Attack  : Brute force attack is the easiest way of hacking any WiFi network password in neighbor areas  but like other it also have some negative points. It generally used for weak passwords like small passwords of 3 to 6 digits. but if some guys have strong password then it will take thousand of months to hack WiFi password without any app or software. but some software and apps available to hack any WiFi password with in minutes.

Method 3 :Mobile app or SoftwareNumber of mobile apps to hack WiFi password from mobile device but i usually prefer WiFi hacker professional. If you are good at your technical skills then you can hack WiFi password with root, i know this may not be cup of tea for non-techy people but you can hack WiFi with root without app

Method 3 :WPS security BypassIts is an second easiest method used to connect any WiFi without password . It is being used before brute force attack, you may use words as, ” it is simplest way of connect WiFi without password”. but some new routers doesn’t support this. if admin of your network haven’t disabled WPS PIN, then you can hack WiFi in minutes. 

 method 4 : You can use cmd prompt(admin) for cracking WiFi password. I am using this trick and its helpful for me. I will let you know in step by step.1.       Go to command prompt(admin) as said earlier.
2.      Write wmic and press enter.
3.      Now type quit and press enter.
4.      Now write netsh wlan show profiles and press enter. You will get all the available WiFi on the screen.
5.      Now click the up button, then give space and write the name of the WiFi which password you want.
6.      Now again press up button and write key=clear (write this as it is without giving space).
7.      You will be seeing all the details of that WiFi including its password in key content.
         Hope this may help you as it helped me…..!!!! 


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